Recycle. Reinvent. Relive

I love my rescued Modernist tiles. They’re beautiful.

But it isn’t only their intrinsic beauty that motivates me.

I want to recycle them – reinvent a new use for them – and allow people to relive the glory of their past.

Let’s talk about about sustainability

If you’re a journalist or media outlet, then contact me and let’s talk about getting this issue centre stage.

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Watch my explanatory videos!

"When we discover we’re walking on something priceless!" (01-03-2023)

"Upcycling Barcelona's forgotten hydraulic tiles into tables, furniture & art | Mesa Bonita" (30-01-2023)

"Recycled tables from Barcelona's modernist cement floors" (16-01-2010)

"Mesa Bonita" (20-04-2011)

"Mesa Bonita BTV" (02-04-2009)

"Mesa Bonita - Benedicte Bodard Rescuer of Modernist Tiles" (01-12-2022)

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Let’s talk about “me” just a little bit longer, shall we?! Click on the articles below for more information about Mesa Bonita.

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