Framed Art

"What are you doing with those tiles!?"

Want to know why I started rescuing tiles? Want to know want “dumpster-diving” means? Watch the video and know the whole “Mesa Bonita” story here.

Some of the messages People have sent ♥

I’m very lucky. I have the most wonderful clients. Almost everybody understands that Mesa Bonita is a labour of love.

To promote recycling, sustainability and appreciating the value and culture of the past, is very rewarding for me.

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I just wanted to tell you again how brave and visionary you have been with this project; it works because of you. You have the creativity, taste, and passion to have made this work. Nobody else saw the potential and acted on it. So again, hats off to you!
July 3, 2016
WE absolutely LOVE our table. The colors are perfect, and the size and design fits so nicely behind our couch. The tile top is durable and resistant, that I don’t have to worry if I put a drink on it without using a coaster! Thank you very much!
29th August, 2017
I have been requested by my husband Scott to see if you have 5 trivets either already made or can be made for Xmas gifts for his work. They do not need to be finished by Xmas. I love the fact he thought of you first for corporate gifts. That is big, so feel proud. My hubby normally doesn't think much about art etc but has been really intrigued by what you do and loves to show off our tables :)
29th October, 2014
Beautiful reclaimed tiles made into usable Art. I love the idea of the history behind your products, it produces beautiful high quality products.
Washington DC
20th September, 2018
Our month in Spain was wonderful, and we will have great memories forever. I'm very much looking forward to receiving my beautiful tiles! I will be sure to tell anyone who goes to Barcelona to visit you - your tiles are by far the best thing I saw the whole time in Spain! It was wonderful to meet you.
21st August, 2019
Happy to report that your package has arrived safe n sound! Well, I just love them, they're so beautiful and will look fantastic on our wall! It was so very wonderful to meet with you in Barcelona, and view your work. What you do is amazing and even though very tough work, very worth it indeed!
3rd August, 2014

A selection of pieces from the shop

A small selection of the Mesa Bonita decorative and furniture pieces you can find in the shop. We have more than 150 products! Find the right one for you and add a bit of genuine antique Barcelona history into your home.


This Month's Antqiue Tile Featured Products

I’ve added some my favourite Mesa Bonita decorative and furniture pieces.

In a world of mass-produced, uniform, soulless objects, these Barcelona Modernist tile pieces can add something special.

Add a bit of history to your home!

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